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Service definitions
Our questions and definitions page provides a quick and easy resource to help explain terminology and the solutions and services available.
Contingent workforce definition
What is a contingent workforce?
A contingent workforce is a labour pool whose members are hired by an organisation on an on-demand basis. A contingent workforce consists of agency workers, freelancers, independent contractors and consultants who are not on the company’s payroll because they are not permanent employees of the organisation. Organisations can hire a contingent worker directly or from a staffing agency. Such workers are usually added on an ad-hoc basis to a company’s workforce and work either onsite or remotely.
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Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS) explained
Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS)
If your organisation employs a large contingent workforce consisting of agency labour and contractors, across multiple geographic locations, Datum RPO’s Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS) will help transform your organisation.
Datum RPO understands that managing a large number of recruitment agencies takes significant resource and expertise – this is where we help. So – it’s goodbye big, unwieldy supply chain and hello transparency of margins & costs, consistency, control & efficiency, reduced administration and savings to your bottom line.
Datum RPO takes full responsibility for the management of your contingent workforce by taking complete control of the whole management process.
With large numbers of contingent workers being supplied from your agencies, ensuring complete legal compliance for every worker may seem a daunting task.  By utilising the latest technology platforms, Datum RPO automatically validates the legality of your contingent workforce, including rights to work in the UK, driving licences, DBS check, qualifications, health & safety training and tenure in-line with Agency Workers Regulations (AWR).
Our Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS) can be fully tailored with a specific set of services to directly address your company’s goals, requirements and recruiting challenges. Recruitment resources can be scaled up or down based on changing hiring needs, providing you with a high degree of agility.
Datum RPO always provides the best outcomes for it’s customers which is why we offer two options. These are:
Contingent Workforce Solutions – Vendor Preferred
Our vendor preferred Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS) are strategically aligned to our customers’ needs and deliver the highest cost savings, compliance, and communication through direct fulfillment and chosen partners.
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Contingent Workforce Solutions – Vendor Neutral
Our vendor neutral Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS) make the complex management of multiple existing agencies simple.  Through harmonisation, management and consolidation, we deliver cost savings, legal compliance, and greater visibility, all while protecting your brand.
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Workforce solutions bespoke to your organisation
We offer a comprehensive range of vendor neutral, vendor preferred and outsourced solutions for both contract and permanent placements, giving organisations the widest choice and best outcomes.
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Permanent workforce  definition
What is a permanent workforce?
Permanent employees, regular employees or the directly employed, work for an employer and are paid directly by that employer. Permanent (regular) employees do not have a predetermined end date to employment. In addition to their wages, they often receive benefits like subsidised health care, paid vacations, holidays, sick time, or contributions to a retirement plan. Permanent employees are often eligible to switch job positions within their companies. Even when employment is “at will”, permanent employees of large companies are generally protected from abrupt job termination by severance policies, like advance notice in case of layoffs, or formal discipline procedures. They may be eligible to join a union and may enjoy both social and financial benefits of their employment.
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Permanent Workforce Solutions (PWS) explained
Permanent Workforce Solutions (PWS)
Datum RPO can fully manage the recruitment process for your permanent workforce. We make life simple for our customers by providing a single point of contact for all vacancies, a single consolidated weekly or monthly invoice and real-time KPI Management Information reporting.
Our Permanent Recruitment Solutions (PWS), not only provide governance over the supply chain and supplier selection, but they also deliver significant cost savings.
We put our long-standing industry experience, expertise and technology to good use to fully understand your business needs. We then put in place the very best recruitment process using the right panel of agencies.
Datum RPO always provides the best outcomes for it’s customers which is why we offer two options. These are:
Permanent Workforce Solutions – Vendor Preferred
Our vendor preferred Permanent Workforce Solutions (PWS) are strategically aligned to our customers’ needs and deliver the highest cost savings, compliance, and communication through direct fulfilment and chosen partners.
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Permanent Workforce Solutions – Outsourced
Our outsourced Permanent Workforce Solutions (PWS) provide a single point of contacts for all vacancies. Datum RPO utilise audited recruitment agencies and fully manage the process. Customers benefit from have greater control of expenditure, supplier selection, candidate experience and brand protection.
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Precision in process
Our innovative technology-based solutions provide our customers with complete real-time visibility and control of their workforce spend and supplier performance, resulting in process efficiencies, compliance and organisational savings.
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How you benefit
Discover the benefits Datum RPO can provide your organisation by creating visibility and control, improved performance, legal compliance, cost savings, supplier management and brand management.
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We want to share with you our expert knowledge in procuring and managing temporary and contract agency labour and have created a series of downloadable guides and white papers.
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