Datum - 5 reasons to take control of your agency labour spend

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5 Reasons to Take Control of Your Agency Labour Spend

Managing agency labour can be very hard to get right, especially if you operate in multiple locations and with many different suppliers. The ability to manage labour spend with efficiency can result in direct cost-savings, legislative compliance and a highly engaged work force.

This document provides 5 key reasons why businesses should take control of their agency labour engagement process and the benefits it can provide in return.

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Download our latest guide now which gives an overview of how to structure the audit of your recruitment agency and what to review when on-site with a supplier, including: 

  • How to structure an audit
  • What documents to check
  • Common issues and associated risks
  • How Datum RPO can help

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Over the past five years, around 48,000 ‘mini umbrella’ companies have been created in a bid to reduce recruitment agencies’ tax and national insurance liabilities.

Download our guide for:

  • Helpful tips and advice of how to audit your suppliers
  • Pros and cons of using umbrella companies
  • Strategies on choosing an umbrella company
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When managing temporary workforce compliance, one of the most fundamental aspects to consider is whether your workers are operating legally.

The following guide includes:

  • 4 compliance issues as reported through previous client audits

  • Key industry facts and statistics

  • How Datum RPO can prevent these issues

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For any organisation, protecting and developing your brand is essential to the health and growth of your business.

The following guide includes:

  • Why is branding important?

  • Importance of a 'Strategic Positioning Framework'

  • Third-party brand management
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UK Parliament introduced the Modern Slavery Act in 2015 (MSA) with hopes of fighting crimes of corporate slavery and human trafficking in the UK.

The following guide includes:

  • An introduction to Modern Slavery in the UK
  • UK Modern Slavery in Numbers Infographic
  • Mitigating against Modern Slavery checklist
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Contingent labour demand is on the increase due to the post-lockdown surge in the economy, as well as Brexit, pushing up starting salaries for temporary employees in a number of industries.

The following guide includes:

  • Introduction to recent labour shortages in UK
  • Strategies to attract and retain temporary workers
  • How Datum RPO can help
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Discover what IR35 means for your business and contractors - April 2021 is fast approaching, so make sure you have everything in place to ensure your business is IR35 compliant:

  • IR35 - an overview
  • Current public and private sector rules
  • Compliancy checklist
  • CEST  and how Datum RPO can help
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A strategic sourcing approach can improve the relationship, reduce cost and improve service quality.

Download our eGuide to:

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of single source agency labour
  • Understand what might be best for you and your business
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In our latest report, we gathered data from four leading organisations across a 12-month period, together with an accumulative recruitment spend of £21,530,920.

The following guide includes: 

  • An analysis of agency margins and pay rate variance 
  • Various cost saving projections
  • An overall cost savings analysis
  • A free 'Cost Savings Calculator' 
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Within the last decade, the UK has seen a major crackdown on labour compliance, illegal working practices and fraud in labour supply chains.

The following guide includes:

  • HMRC's third-party labour supplier due diligence checklist
  • Information on Datum RPO's comprehensive auditing service 
  • Exclusive step-by-step guide to auditing your own third-party labour suppliers
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On 6th July 2018, the government released a list of the UK’s ‘worst-paying’ companies throughout 2018.

The following guide includes:

  • The UK's top 100 underpaying employers
  • An analysis on the employers based on industry
  • An analysis on the employers based on UK location 
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Umbrella Co

There are potential dangers of using an umbrella company. If you are a business or an agency, you need to be aware that some umbrella companies use tax avoidance schemes which would make them illegal and fraudulent.

The following guide includes:

  • Identify untaxed payments disclosed to HMRC
  • Protecting your business
  • Penalties
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Download our latest guide to discover how the current global health crisis will affect the economy and the future of agency workers. On this eGuide you will read about:

  • The COVID-19 bill
  • Could tax rises generate revenue?
  • The impact on retail
  • Implications for business and more

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If your organisation has a large reliance on temporary and contract workers, you may have considered appointing company to manage this on your behalf.

The following guide includes:

  • What is a Master Vendor?
  • What is a Neutral Vendor?
  • Key differences between Neutral Vendor & Master Vendor
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Executives and Directors are under extreme pressure to reduce expenditure and improve the bottom line. 

In this guide:

  • We discuss the importance of having full visibility and control when managing a large workforce
  • How it may benefit your bottom line
  • How Datum RPO can help
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This document provides 5 key reasons why businesses should take control of their agency labour engagement process and the benefits it can provide in return.

The following guide includes: 

  • Issues with varying margins and pay rates
  • Risks of legislative impacts
  • Protecting brand image and awareness
  • Avoiding overworked hiring-managers

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As the demand for more flexible work rises, so does the use of 'non-traditional' labour. 

The following guide includes:

  • Introduction to the modern economy
  • Potential risks of relying on non-traditional labour
  • IR35 in the private sector
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