Salary benchmarking
Our salary benchmarking service provides a complete breakdown of pay rates, including business recommendations based on role, level and location.
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Salary benchmarking service
Datum RPO are experts in delivering salary benchmarking services and have conducted research and made recommendation to many of the UK’s largest companies. Our expert services provide advice and guidance on pay setting, grading and incentives.
In-depth research
Our in-depth research will highlight inconsistencies in pay-rates across all types of role and location. We provide insights and recommendations to enable informed decision-making and driving organisational advantage.
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Guidance on pay setting
Our detailed reports include impartial advice and guidance on pay setting, grading and incentives. The result – a fair and transparent pay structure and bottom line savings.
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Working in harmony
We help organisations achieve the optimum balance between salary rates and organisational cost that contribute to reduced attrition rates, time to hire and workforce costs.
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Salary benchmarking overview
Datum RPO’s salary benchmarking service involves the analysis of pay-rate variance across multiple disciplines and referencing against industry levels.  Our salary benchmarking service considers multiple factors to deliver guidance salary rates. Factors we consider include geographic location, experience, education level, job responsibilities, organisation size and financial resources.
Other factors, that might be included in determining the salary for a position, include the strength of an employers’ benefits package and its total rewards system.
Datum RPO understand the supply chain and the wide variance in salaries. When hiring a temporary workforce, the variance in pay between recruitment agencies for the same, or similar roles, can be significant.
Our salary benchmarking services include:
Temporary workforce salary benchmarking
A full audit of the pay-rates of temporary workers supplied by recruitment agencies, factoring in the types of role, levels and geography.
Permanent workforce salary benchmarking
A full audit of the pay-rates of permanent workers employed directly by an organisation to highlight inconsistencies and to provide clarity for informed decision-making.
Pay setting
Expert advice and guidance on pay setting, grading and incentives. We ensure that organisations achieve the optimum balance between salary rates, organisational cost and staff retention.
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Our solutions and services
Compliance audits
The audit process, conducted by Datum RPO, is designed to review every worker deployed and highlights any risks associated with your entire workforce and supply chain.
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Analysis & reporting
Our team of analysts provide valuable workforce insights including compliance, suppliers and candidate metrics together with business recommendations.
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Payroll services
Datum RPO’s payroll outsourcing service provides an accurate and efficient solution, ensuring that your workforce is paid accurately and on time, while keeping you legally compliant and delivering operational savings.
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Our solutions
Explore our range of Temporary Workforce Solutions, Permanent Workforce Solutions and Total Workforce Solutions.
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