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Datum RPO is dedicated to the continued improvement of the services and support we provide to our customers, partners and staff.
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Committed to service
Datum RPO place service excellence at the heart of its organisation,  we strive towards every interaction being positive and rewarding. We proactively ask for feedback from our customers, recruitment partners and staff, in order to benchmark our performance and drive continual improvement.
Always improving
Service performance
Datum RPO aim to make every interaction a positive experience. To help achieve this, we monitor all helpdesk requests raised, including response times and closure rates, which we use to benchmark against industry performance.
We request feedback on every helpdesk closed to monitor performance and drive quality.
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Key stats
Requests solved each month
72% requests closed same day
94% satisfaction rate
Powerful partnerships
Client testimonials
Datum RPO has transformed the recruitment process for some of the UK’s largest companies, by providing innovative temporary and permanent workforce solutions. Find out about what our clients have to say about us:
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Open and transparent
Datum RPO use Glassdoor as a platform for employees to provide feedback on the company, management style and to rate the business.
We regularly request employee feedback and act on all comments given, to help shape the organisation and to enhance staff well-being.
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Employer score
83% Recommend to a friend
100% Approve of CEO
Driving continuous improvement
Datum RPO measures customer satisfaction through its satisfaction programe, which proactively gathers information provided by our customers and recruitment partners. Our progressive business principles ensure that we are constantly changing and evolving every part of our business and in turn, everything that we deliver to our customers.
We actively ask for feedback across all areas of our organisation, ranging from helpdesk requests, through to gathering feedback from our customers for both the Temporary Workforce Solutions, Permanent Workforce Solutions and Total Workforce Solutions we provide.
All feedback we receive is continuously monitored and is collated into a report that our Executive and Management Board use to drive improvements across the business.
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