Analysis & reporting
Our team of analysts provide valuable workforce insights including compliance, suppliers and candidate metrics together with business recommendations.
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Analysis and reporting services
Datum RPO’s workforce analysis and reporting services are tailored to our customers requirements. Our team are experts in deep-diving into data, in order to provide critical organisational insights and advice on best practice.
Analysis and insight
Our business analysts are experts in providing intelligent insights on your contingent and permanent workforce and agency supply chain.
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Improving business performance
Every business can work more effectively. Our analytics will help you understand and manage operational costs, your agency supply chain and pay-rates to name a few. The result? Improved decision making based on data-driven facts.
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Delight from insight
Want better business performance? Our specialists can help you apply data-based insights to pinpoint opportunities in your organisation to work smarter and prioritise resources.
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Analysis and reporting service overview
Every area of an organisation – from agency supply chain efficiency, to overall technology innovation – can be improved through smart use of data and analytics.
Datum RPO have been helping clients solve their contingent and permanent workforce business challenges with the power of data analytics. We use our experience in analytical and consulting services to help you work more efficiently and effectively.
Datum RPO provide a range of analysis and reporting services which include:
Divisional/regional spend analysis
Identification and breakdown of contingent and permanent workforce spend across business divisions and geographical regions.
Agency margin analysis
An analysis of recruitment agency margins and variance in the supply chain, including insights and benchmark recommendations for harmonisation.
Supplier financial stability
A review of the financial stability of agencies in the supply chain and identification of risks to ensure business continuity.
Employment law risks
The audit process, conducted by Datum RPO, is designed to review every worker deployed and highlights any risks associated with your entire workforce and supply chain.
Employment agency selection
A detailed report analysing the effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and legality of your agencies. Aspects include; time to hire, vacancy fulfilment rates, legal compliance and more.
New pay rate proposal
We review and benchmark pay-rates against industry standards and recommend appropriate standardised rates that deliver organisational savings, transparency and fairness based on skill-sets and geography.
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Our solutions and services
Compliance audits
The audit process, conducted by Datum RPO, is designed to review every worker deployed and highlights any risks associated with your entire workforce and supply chain.
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Salary benchmarking
Our salary benchmarking service provides a complete breakdown of pay-rates and provides recommendations based on role, level and location.
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Payroll services
Datum RPO’s payroll outsourcing service provides an accurate and efficient solution, ensuring that your workforce is paid accurately and on time, while keeping you legally compliant and delivering operational savings.
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Our solutions
Explore our range of Temporary Workforce Solutions, Permanent Workforce Solutions and Total Workforce Solutions.
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