Compliance audits
The audit process, conducted by Datum RPO, is designed to review every worker deployed and highlights any risks associated with your entire workforce and agency supply chain.
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Legal compliance audits
Is your workforce 100% legal? Datum RPO’s compliance audits review every worker and identifies all associated risks within your workforce, such as illegal workers, false identify, no-contracts and health & safety checks among many others.
Reduced workforce risk
The audit process, conducted by Datum RPO, will help you mitigate future non-conformances by highlighting all areas of risk in the workforce and agency supply chain.
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Stay legally compliant
Our recruitment agency audits highlight where there might be legal compliance breaches. Average findings from Datum RPO’s reports have identified the following:
-58% of agencies fail their first audit
-55% of agencies fail to meet basic legal requirements
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Read Bio D Case Study
Bio-D is an independent, ethically motivated company that is dedicated to promoting the use of environmentally responsible detergents. Read how by reviewing the processes, systems and records in place for each recruitment partner, they could verify ongoing compliance and ensure that their agencies had everything they needed to meet their company standards.
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Insights that enable change
On completion of a Datum RPO audit, we present organisations with a detailed report highlighting failure to meet best practice, potential risks or legal compliance breaches within AWR, RTW, National Minimum Wage, Living Wage, Holiday breaches, Pay and contractual engagement.
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Compliance audit overview
As part of the compliance audit, Datum RPO visit every active agency and examine all candidate records for contingent workers presently on-site.
The criteria upon which we audit can be amended according to your requirements, however it is our suggestion that the audit will cover the following as a minimum;
Pre-employment checks and candidate registration forms
Datum RPO ask to view candidate registration documents and typically would expect to find questions relating to 48-hour working and unspent convictions. Also, where possible, we check the date that the forms were completed to ensure that the candidates are being registered prior to being put into work. If forms have been completed online, then we need to see an auditable date stamp confirming when they were completed.
Similarly, if registration details have been returned via email, we would need to see a print-out, as this will confirm that it was completed by the candidate who is being audited.
Employment terms and conditions
All workers should have received and signed employment terms & conditions that are appropriate to the way in which they have been engaged via an employment business. For the audit, Datum RPO need to verify when the terms were signed and/or sent. Electronic signatures are acceptable so long as there is a clear audit trail. If contracts have ‘silent consent’ clauses, we ask to see the original email that was sent to the candidate containing the employment terms & conditions.
Datum RPO ask to see a payslip for each worker to ensure that workers are being paid the living wage and/or in line with the market rate for their role. Viewing the payslip also allows us to confirm what type of scheme a worker is being paid through and whether or not this is compliant and appropriate for the type of work being undertaken.
Payroll intermediaries
If workers are being paid through intermediary payroll companies, an employment agency will not hold payslips and employment terms & conditions on file. We ask that the employment agencies approach each intermediary company they work with so that they can obtain all documents for workers named in the audit.
Right to work documentation
It is a legal requirement to make appropriate Right to Work checks in-line with UK Visa and Immigration guidelines. All Right to Work documents (such as passports and birth certificates) should be held on file and Datum RPO will ask to view these for each worker who has been named in the audit.
Detailed compliance report
Following the audit, Datum RPO will prepare and deliver a report which details the findings, including any non-conformances identified within your workforce and agencies. We also include a detailed plan for remedial action.
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Analysis & reporting
Our team of analysts provide valuable workforce insights including compliance, suppliers and candidate metrics together with business recommendations.
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Datum RPO’s payroll outsourcing service provides an accurate and efficient solution, ensuring that your workforce is paid accurately and on time, while keeping you legally compliant and delivering operational savings.
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