Temporary Labour and Contractor Managed Services

What are temporary labour managed service solutions?

Temporary labour managed service solutions involve streamlining the recruitment of your temporary labour. These services are designed to offer flexible and cost-effective solutions to organisations who have a large temporary labour spend, particularly when there are resource gaps, seasonal spikes in demand, or special projects that require expertise beyond their in-house capabilities.

Benefits of Temporary Labour Managed Services

1. Flexibility and Scalability

One of the primary advantages of temporary labour managed services is the flexibility they offer. Businesses can scale their resources up or down as needed, ensuring they have the right level of support without overcommitting to permanent hires.

2. Consolidation and centralisation of temporary labour recruitment

Companies can streamline their hiring processes and decrease expenses by consolidating and centralising their spend on agency labour. Rather than dealing with various recruitment agencies, a neutral vendor can coordinate and manage the entire recruitment process on your behalf by engaging with different recruitment agency partners. This consolidation increases efficiency while decreasing costs.

3. Cost Efficiency

Companies can gain visibility into both demand and spend, by establishing a centralised system. A neutral vendor can give detailed data and analytics, allowing organisations to monitor spending, measure performance, and make educated decisions. This transparency aids in identifying areas where cost savings can be made, allowing for better cost control and budget management.

4. Improved Talent Acquisition and Candidate Pool Strategies

Companies with a greater reach can tap into a larger candidate pool, boosting their chances of discovering the right candidates. Furthermore, neutral suppliers have specific knowledge in the best ways to source agency labour, allowing them to design and implement effective sourcing strategies adapted to the needs of the firm. Companies may attract high quality agency workers by utilising their knowledge and resources without paying the high fees associated with dealing directly with recruitment agencies.

5. Rate Negotiation and Effective Supplier Management

Companies that use a temporary workforce managed service solution can benefit from the vendor's knowledge in supplier management and rate negotiation. Neutral vendors have developed partnerships with multiple recruitment agencies, which gives them greater leverage on spend. They can negotiate better terms and rates on behalf of the company, resulting in cost savings. By using their market knowledge, neutral suppliers assist organisations in securing the best people at competitive rates, greatly decreasing recruitment agency expense.

Why Choose Our Temporary Labour Managed Service Solutions?

At Datum RPO, we specialise in delivering tailored temporary labour managed services solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping your business thrive, even in the face of resource constraints or unique challenges.

We understand that finding the right temporary labour managed services provider is crucial to your success. 

Here's why you should choose us:

Expertise: Our team comprises experienced professionals with a track record of delivering exceptional results.

Customised Solutions: We tailor our services to your unique needs, ensuring you receive the support that's right for your business.

Scalability: We can quickly adapt to changes in your requirements, providing the flexibility your business demands.

Reliability: You can count on us to meet deadlines, exceed expectations, and consistently deliver value.

Cost-Effective: Our services are designed to provide maximum value while minimising costs and helping you achieve (and exceed) your savings targets.

If you're facing temporary resource challenges or have specialised project needs, consider partnering with Datum RPO for your managed services solutions. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business thrive.



Why use Datum RPO?

In traditional recruitment approaches, businesses frequently hire their temporary employees and contractors directly through a recruitment agency.

While this can be an effective approach for some, the management time required, costs and legal exposure can quickly add up for businesses that use temporary staff members regularly, or in high volumes.

With our Vendor Neutral Managed Service, we focus on the recruitment process itself, and not simply on filling positions. We co-ordinate and manage all your existing suppliers on your behalf, leveraging a better commercial deal and ensure that you are legally compliant.

Acting as an extension of your business, our specialist team develop bespoke strategies for temporary and contractor recruitment that yield more successful screening, a shorter recruitment time, better workforce retention and higher productivity.

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The benefits of working with Datum RPO to manage your agencies


100% Legally Compliant Workforce

UK employment and immigration law is complex and is changing fast. We ensure that all temporary staff and contractors have a legal right to work in the UK and comply with all UK employment regulations.


Cost Savings Of Between 6% & 12%

Reduce your agency spend and increase your productivity and retention from each temporary worker and contractor.


Technology To Manage And Control Ordering

Harness the latest vendor management technology to scale your temporary recruitment requirements to your needs.

Management Information

Real-Time Management Information

Access all your management information from a convenient user dashboard, accessible on any Internet-enabled device.

Supply Chain-1

Centralised Supply Chain Management

We can take care of all aspects of temporary and contract recruitment for you, managing your agency partners and centralising your supply chain, allowing your team to focus more time and resources on their core tasks.


Consolidated Invoices

One convenient invoice for all your agency spends, reducing processing costs and giving you better visibility and control over your cash flow.

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At Datum RPO, we provide a full managed service to support your temporary, contingent and permanent staff recruitment strategies. We help you source high-quality talent, with a shorter time to hire, and a more thorough screening and onboarding process that unlocks greater productivity and lower recruitment costs. To discuss your needs in person and find out how our tailored RPO strategies can help your business meet its recruitment goals and reduce agency spend, please book a meeting with us today through our online calendar below.

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