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Datum RPO help companies to better manage their temporary agency workers. We simplify the process, save money, ensure legal compliance and provide complete visibility of spend.

We support companies that use numerous recruitment agencies across the UK, reducing the burden and can provide a single point of contact for all their worker requirements. We ensure that our customers have access to the best available agency workers that are legally compliant and cost effective.

We use technology to ensure that the whole process is seamless and transparent from order through to invoice. Our systems ensure that every worker is audited against legal requirements in real-time, protecting both customers and workers.

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Visibility & Control

Datum provides complete visibility and control by managing the recruitment process from point of order, through to invoice. Vacancies can be added onto our on-line recruitment software and will be distributed to agencies, or alternatively, hiring managers can call our Recruitment Team and we will liaise directly with agencies to ensure that vacancies are filled.

All hours are tracked through our on-line recruitment software, vacancies can be authorised and approved, and invoices are generated and sent electronically.

Management information is generated in real-time, and details spend break down by site, agency, category of worker. It also tracks tenure for the Agency Workers Regulations, demographic information, time to fill and rights to work in the UK.

Legal Compliance

Our online software checks information, including rights to work in the UK, driving licences, DBS checks, qualifications, health & safety training and tenure, in line with Agency Workers Regulations. We also audit agencies and agency worker records every six months.

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Supplier Management

We propose a panel of agencies based on your existing suppliers, taking into account process, financial stability, geographic capability and legal compliance. If there is a lack of suppliers, we suggest new ones we trust.

Improve Performance

Agencies will be measured in line with an agreed Service Level Agreement. Agencies will be given quarterly reviews and 360 degree feedback. Their individual performance will be benchmarked against the entire supply chain. Agencies that perform well will be rewarded with more business by moving up the league table and those that do not perform will be relegated or removed entirely.

Cost Savings

Brand Management

We deliver direct cost savings of between 6%-16% by standardising pay rates & margins and stopping overcharging on Employers National Insurance (NI) and holiday pay.

We also reduce operational costs by consolidating invoices, so you only receive one per week or month.
We standardise the engagement experience to ensure agency workers view your business in a positive light and have the best possible experience, consistent with your own brand values.

Part of Staffline

Datum RPO are part of the Staffline Group. Established in 1986, Staffline is now the UK’s largest recruiter and workforce provider, delivering OnSite workforce solutions to leading brands.

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