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Datum RPO works with a network of preferred recruitment agency partners to deliver solutions and services to some of the UK’s largest companies.
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Become a partner
Datum RPO works in partnership with a wide selection of recruitment agencies to deliver the very best solutions and services to its customers. We use agencies that have been selected specifically to provide the level of service and industry expertise required to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.
Supplier questions
How does Datum RPO choose its partners?
When working with a new client, our starting point is to engage with a client’s existing agency worker suppliers. Once they’ve completed a thorough vetting process, we invite them to be part of the partner panel. Where the client has areas of short supply or weakness that the existing suppliers are unable to fulfil, we invite partners from other Datum RPO client panels to join, or seek out new partners.
What are the benefits of being a partner?
We standardise rates and service requirements to enable performance-based allocation of future business requirements. Payment terms are standardised and consistent using an online portal that reduces time-consuming administration. Being part of an approved panel also protects existing business and can help generate new business.
Will I lose relationships with hiring managers?
No. We don’t want to break down your relationship with the hiring community. There will be some central co-ordination of vacancies, however we encourage continued communication with hiring managers and have no intention of restricting this.
What involvement will Datum RPO have with my business day-to-day?
Your relationship with your agency workers stays the same. Datum RPO simply facilitate the initial implementation plan and on-going payment process, then help manage the project and address any issues that may arise.
What if I do not want to be part of this process?
We find that 99% of our clients’ existing suppliers choose to work with us but we understand every business has to take a commercial decision on any supply arrangement. We believe the opportunity encourages most suppliers to participate, but should you decide not to, we look to agree a migration plan in conjunction with the new approved panel. This minimises any disruption to you.
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